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작성일 : 17-06-22 16:40
06월 27일(화요일) 우주과학과 세미나 안내(오희영박사님)
 글쓴이 : 관리자
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안녕하세요우주과학과 우주탐사학과 여러분.
이번 세미나는 6 27일 오후 4 30천문대 영상실에서 있습니다.
서울대학교의 오희영 박사님께서 "IGRINS spectroscopy toward outflows from young stellar objects에 관한 강연을 해 주실 예정입니다.
강연은 한국어로 진행되며초록은 아래에 나타나있습니다.
세미나 참석을 원하시는 분은 세미나 시작 10분 전까지 입실해 주시기 바랍니다.
많은 참석 부탁드립니다감사합니다.
Dear Colleagues,
There will be an Astronomy and Space Science seminar on 06/27, 4:30 PM, in the Auditorium, Kyung Hee University Astronomical Observatory.

Dr. Heeyoung Oh of Seoul National University will give a presentation about "IGRINS spectroscopy toward outflows from young stellar objects".
The language of the seminar will be Korean and abstract is shown below.
You are asked to join the seminar five to ten minutes before it starts. Your attendance will greatly be appreciated.
Thank you.

 Outflows from young stellar objects (YSOs) are essential process in the formation of stellar and planetary systems. I present the observations of outflows in the intermediate-mass and massive star forming regions using Immersion Grating Infrared Spectrograph (IGRINS). The near-IR, high-resolution spectroscopy allows us to study multiple outflows in the dense molecular clouds. Furthermore, the spectral mapping enables to probe the three-dimensional structure of outflows.
I report the results from two observational studies. First, I present the multiple-outflows around Herbig Be star LkH_alpha 234. This star formation region is complicated with several optical and IR outflows and embedded YSOs. The spectral mapping over HH 167 outflow allowed us to distinguish at least three separate outflows with H_2 and [Fe II] emission. Second, we show the results from spectral mapping toward the Orion KL, explosive outflow. At the H_2 peak 1 area, we identified a total of 31 outflow fingers using datacube of H_2 1-0 S(1) 2.122 micron line. We constructed a three-dimensional map of fingers by estimating the inclination angles. The extinction difference (Delta A_V > 10 mag) between blue shifted and redshifted fingers indicates high internal extinction. The extinction and overall angular spread of the flow argue for an ambient medium with high density (10^5 cm^-3).